Episode 3 – Zoomer

Can the little race car, Zoomer, stop Smogo the bully and win the big race?

Target Age: Very young children

Note to Parents: Yes, I know, even Crazy Grandpa breaks down every now and then and tells a sweet, traditional story about doing your best when you get a chance. Special thanks to my wife for transcribing this one all those years ago else I would have long forgotten it.


Episode 2 – Photon Girl

Can our heroine, Photon Girl, defeat the evil Dr. Singularity and rescue the parents and teachers of Gigopolis from the dreaded Zitterbewegung Chamber?

Note for Parents: A silly superhero story for all kids, but contains vocabulary, especially the silly physics terms used for effect in the banter between Photon Girl and Dr. Singularity, that may confuse younger children.

Episode 1 – Baby Stew

Mark and Sam tell Sarah that Mrs. Nutter eats baby burgers. Is this just another children’s story with a tidy moral about not jumping to conclusions? This is Crazy Grandpa’s, so we know the answer to that!

Nothing in the story is as it seems, but you can rest assured that the parents are wrong and that the kids will save the day!

Note for parents: This story was a favorite of my kids when they were in the 5-10 year old age group. It is written to be humorous and ridiculous, but if your children would be frightened by stories like Hansel and Gretel where the children are potentially in danger, then this story is not for them.